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I've finished cleaning mischa's debut album (i tried to melt the snow but ran out of matches). The cd is available NOW!


For more info and some sample songs for your listening pleasure, check or browse these pages.

Welcome to Cleaning Lady Records

And... done...!
Everything’s clean! (right?)
I always say: “There’s no better office to work in then a clean, tidy office.”

You may wonder who I am... Well, I’m the cleaning lady.
Once someone wrote a song about me:
‘The cleaning lady doesn’t know either’

That was five years ago... By now I do know,
so I’m back to release great music. It’s exciting, it’s new...
I’m not sure whether you can dance to it, but as I always say:
“You shouldn’t dance in offices. Especially when they’re clean.”

So I suggest you come inside to listen to some of the music I will be releasing this year.
I’d rather like the music on this site. That’s basically why I’m releasing it.
Because it’s good music.
If you happen to like my music as much as I do,
you can also find out how to get in touch with the artists making the music:
How to get the music on your PC or CD player
(you know, you can clean your CD player as well, you should try it)
How to see the artists perform the music live...
And most importantly: you can check whether the office is still clean and fresh...
Because if it’s not I will come and clean. Again. Because no one likes dust. Right?